A series of poetry in migration


inter_poems is a series of poetry readings bringing distinguished voices of international poetry to Berlin and investigating the fascination of literary translation. Six German poets translate a series of poems by an international poet of their choice and present them in mutual bilingual readings. Poets from Tunisia, Israel, Poland, Canada, Turkey and Peru are part of it. inter_poems is a non-profit project, funded by „Hauptstadtkulturfonds“.


A series of six evenings within 6 months, inter_poems combines the concepts of reading and edition: Each reading is linked with a limited „poème-objet“-edition of one poem and its German translation and followed by another bilingual print in Germany's leading intellectual magazine „Merkur“, along with an essay. In those essays, the German poets give a portrait of their international fellow authors and reflect the specific challenges of linguistic transfer from the source language into the target language. We also cooperate with, where the authors of inter_poems will soon be present with their in both audio and text. Migration, exile, and displacement will be the recurrent themes throughout the whole series, as well as critical interrogation of concepts of the foreign and the self.


Concept, moderation, website: Daniel Graf

Coordination: Melanie Waldheim

Venue: Lettrétage Berlin-Kreuzberg, Mehringdamm 61




May 12th, 8pm: Joanna Mueller (PL) and Dagmara Kraus (DE)

June 9th, 8pm: Adi Keissar (IL) and Max Czollek (DE)

June 23rd, 8pm: Aymen Hacen (TN) and Hans Thill (DE)

July 21st, 8pm: Erín Moure (CA) and Uljana Wolf (DE)

Sept 1st, 8pm: Müesser Yeniay (TR) and Achim Wagner (DE)

Oct 6th, 8pm: Reynaldo Jiménez (PE) and Léonce W. Lupette (DE)


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